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Cat Who Trapped Family In Bedroom Now At Animal Shelter   

I have to vent a little here.
I get it that this guy was pissed that the cat scratched his 7 month old baby but that does NOT justify him kicking the cat. Nothing justifies that. I’m glad the cat went ballistic on him. Maybe he’ll think twice before he abuses an animal again.

And WTF Oregon? Why was this man not arrested for animal abuse after admitting he kicked the cat? Seriously. What if he said he kicked his baby? Would you let him get away with that too?

Oh and the article says the family doesn’t know if it’s going to take the cat back. What?!?!? Would they really be allowed to get it back?

I really hope this cat ends up finding a loving home with someone else.

Miss Kitty had her rabies, FVRCC & Felv shots yesterday. I was woken up this morning to her vomiting in my bedroom floor. :-(

I know that vomiting can be a side effect and she is otherwise acting fairly normal (in fact she’s laying beside me putting and kneading like mad on her favorite blankie) but I’ve read so many horror stories about bad reactions to vaccines (thanks internet) that I’m a little worried for my baby.

So about that thing I mentioned yesterday that I was letting fear hold me back from…today I somehow managed to get up the courage to go for it and guess what?… I’m actually getting what I want.

yay me.

Why do I let fear of rejection hold me back so much?

Especially when there’s nothing to lose?…

I’ve always been the one to push people to do stuff, encouraging them because they will be no worse off if they ask for something and don’t get it. I just can’t seem to follow my own advice.

Am I wrong?

Today my dad asked if I was coming to visit for the 1 year anniversary of my mom’s death. I told him no because I don’t want to “celebrate” that day.I think it upset him. I’m pretty sure it did.

The thing is I know it’s not exactly celebrating to go put flowers on her grave but it’s just not a day I want to recognize as special. There is nothing “special” about her dying. It was one of the worst days of my life. I will remember my mom and what happened in my own way that day. Doing it by putting flowers on her grave is just not how I want to do it. I will go any other day. I just don’t want to go that day.

It’s been almost a year and, if I’m being honest, I’ve still not allowed myself to completely grieve. I’ve done so many things that were not what I wanted or needed for myself to give others what they needed. Especially my dad. So am I being selfish and is it wrong of me to want to spend her death-day the way I want? Should I just suck it up like everything else and do it for my dad?

I hate this. I hate it so much.


So it turns out I have a pretty bad infection in my abdomen behind/in my belly button, which (in case you didn’t read my other post before I deleted it the other day) has caused me extreme pain. In fact, it feels like my belly button is trying to rip away from my body.

To top that off, I had to tape a cotton ball over my belly button to catch the gross stuff coming out and I’ve apparently had an allergic reaction to the medical tape I used. So now I have a red itchy rash where the tape was.

The doctor called me a bit ago to tell me my white cell count was elevated and a preliminary test of the belly swab they took showed bacteria of some sort and white cells (she used lots of medical terms that went over my head. That’s all I really caught) She wants to do a CT scan if I continue to have pain.

The good news though is that I do feel a tiny bit better today. I can move a bit more before I am stopped in my tracks with excruciating pain. and hardly any gross stuff coming out. So looks like the antibiotics are actually working.

Fingers crossed I feel 100% really soon because this sucks donkey balls.

There’ a guy on the phone in the waiting room at the dr office talking to his wife (or gf) and he just asked her if she had her “pep smear” yet.
I almost laughed out loud. I imagined a pep squad cheering them on while they laid there with their legs in stirrups & the doctor’s head between their legs. “Give me a C-E-R-V-I-X! what does that spell? CERVIX!!!!!”

He followed that by telling her that there was a question on the patient forms where they ask if you have ever been physically abused by your partner and how that was the best part of their relationship.

If nothing else he had made this visit slightly amusing (and somewhat annoying he thinks he’s the funniest guy on earth. )

I actually started documenting everything about a week ago. The fucking idiot and ripping me a new asshole comment I actually have on an audio recording. (Oops! did I leave my phone with the voice recorder running when I left the room?)
I plan on talking to my manager (again) to let her know it’s gotten worse & I’m thinking about going to HR. I have a pretty good relationship with her & don’t won’t her to think I’m going over her head & Not giving her a chance to resolve. (Yeah I’m too nice.)

I know there are difficult people at every job and I’m good at dealing with them but this has gone beyond get just being difficult.

*sigh* thanks for the advice.

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