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I almost had back to back heart attacks.
Heart attack #1: Miss Kitty playfully swatting at a wasp that going it’s way inside. I was certain it was going to sting her.

Got that situation under control and calmed down a bit then…

Heart attack #2: as I’m eating lunch I look up to see another wasp flying in the living room. I ran and grabbed my hairspray (wasp killing tip 1 : use super hold hairspray to immobilize it.)
I find it perched on the wall above the fireplace and start to spray away. It falls but I didn’t see where it fell. I start looking around and it took me a few second to realize it was on my shirt. (Wasp killing tip 2: make sure you’re standing where the wasp won’t land on you add it loses it’s ability to fly)
Too hairsprayed to fly, It was clamoring to get it’s footing and sting the hell out of me.
I screamed the scream of someone being attacked. I ripped at my shirt trying to figure out how to get it off without being stung since the wasp was apparently holding on and not dropping to the floor.
Eventually, everything worked itself out. But my heart is still racing and I’m feeling a bit nauseated from the adrenaline rush(es)

6 months low carb. This weekend I feast.

Tonight: Mellow Mushroom Kosmic Karma pizza for dinner & Hazelnut Talenti gelato for dessert

Over the next 2 days I plan on having:
Chipotle burrito bowl
Hamburger with the bun
Black Cherry Talenti Gelato
Fresh made Apple Fritters (I may be looking forward to this the most! )

Is it sad that I have a list for my major cheat weekend?

Monday I will restart keto. Who knows maybe this feasting will help kick my weight loss in gear when I go keto again

Sock it to me!

I think I might have a small problem. A sock problem. I just went through 1 of my 2 bags o’socks to finally match, fold & put away. This was my end result:

30 singles with no mate

31 matching pairs

14 pairs of knee highs (yay knee highs! )

Let’s assume the mate to the singles are in the other bag, that’s 75 pairs of socks. Plus whatever else is in that bag & what’s already in my sock drawer

I hardly ever wear socks! How the hell did I end up with so many????

(And yes, I will be parting with many of these. But not my knee highs. Never my knee highs!!!)

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